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Anderson Therapeutic Massage Clinic
Terri Anderson LMT, CIMI License# 4028
Medical Massage in Gresham, Oregon

Client Testimonials



"Thank you for helping me so much with all my pain. I feel blessed to know you"

~ Rhoda


"Terri helps me so very much. She is able to relax my muscles with her caring hands.

I am pain-free because of her...I am almost 70 years old now and feel better than most people.

I give the credit for this to Terri Anderson...she does the best!"


"Terri is the best! She gets the pain and discomfort of carrying a heavy backpack everyday to disappear."



"I have been going to Terri for massage for many years. She has helped me more than any other person

to get well from injuries from falling, sinusitis, frozen shoulder, and several other things over the years.

I don't know how I would get along without her."



I was initially referred to Terri Anderson LMT, after an auto accident injury. She was invaluable in my recovery from that

so I have returned to for other treatments off and on since then, including considerable treatment after knee injury. Terri’s

knowledge and her exceptional ability to and properly treat the problem was instrumental in minimizing my knee pain and

helping me continue to walk and work and function normally for the years after the doctors recommended a knee replacement

(but also said I should wait as long as possible since I was young). When I did finally have the replacement, I went to Terri

for assistance with muscle pain, and range of motion, and overall comfort during my recovery. Without her, I am sure I would

not have had the good results I had and it’s my pleasure to recommend her highly; she’s compassionate and truly cares and

I’m sure anyone would benefit from her abilities and her expertise."



"I am writing to recommend Terri Anderson for therapeutic massage. I have referred both patients and friends to her for

chronic pain/discomfort and limited mobility. She has been successful, along with accompanying medical treatment, in helping

these people live a more comfortable increasingly mobile lifestyle. All referrals, including myself, have expressed satisfaction and

are more comfortable with daily activities with the massage. Her demeanor is professional, and her massage technique is experienced,

comfortable and healing.

~Mary Ellen Hibbard, M.S.R.N., F.N.P.